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    Are you able to carry out gas inspections and issue gas certificates for registration?


  2. 2

    Are you able to carry out gas inspections for caravans?

    No. You need a gas licenced plumber for this.

  3. 3

    Will I void my new car warranty if it is serviced at your workshop?

    No. We will complete and stamp logbooks and it won't void new car warranties.

  4. 4

    Can I get a lift?

    Yes. We offer free local drop-off and pick-up.

  5. 5

    Is there a rebate for gas conversions?

    No, this rebate is no longer available.

  6. 6

    Which Makes and Models are best for LPG conversions?

    Ford Falcons, Holden Commodores, Toyota Landcruisers, Hiluxes and Prados, along with Nissan Patrols. All models and years up to current models.

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    How much money will I save if I convert to gas?

    Here is a link to the Sprintgas site which includes a calculator to give you an estimate on how much money you will save.

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    Do you work on both petrol and diesel gas LPG systems?

    We only work on petrol gas LPG systems and dedicated LPG systems. We can work on diesel vehicles, including those that have gas, we are just unable to work on the gas LPG system of these vehicles.

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LPG Conversions

Dore Bros Garage offer competitively priced LPG conversions, maintenance and repairs certified to Australian safety standards.

Air Conditioning

Come and see us to repair, re-gas or replace your vehicles air conditioner, we are experienced in all makes and models.

General Mechanical Repairs

We are experts in logbook servicing, brake and clutch repairs, along with all types of general mechanical work (including service & repairs on trucks up to 6.3t).

Spare Parts

Our business stocks Century batteries, Valvoline oil and are able to supply a range of genuine and aftermarket spare parts and accessories to maintain your vehicle in optimal condition.